Jackpot Winner Claims €19,430,723.60 on Absolootly Mad

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On April 27th 2021, an online player based in Belgium tried his luck on the Belgian site of Napoleon Sports and won the biggest ever jackpot in the history of online gambling!
The record-breaking prize pool of €19,430,723.60 was won on the Absolootly Mad slot machine, a branch of the Mega Moolah saga.
According to our research, Belgian players are actually among the luckiest online players in Europe. Almost all big jackpot winners in Europe come from Belgium.
Absolootly Mad world record jackpot in 2021

The Absolootly Mad game

Absolootly Mad was launched in May 2020 and appeared for the first time on the Spin Casino site, a world-renowned gambling website that holds spectacular prize pool records. Surprisingly, the lucky winner didn’t win the Absolootly Mad super prize on Spin Casino. Still, plenty of Spin Casino site players have landed major jackpots on the Absolootly Mad slot machine.


The CEOs of Microgaming and the Napoleon Group in Belgium have commented on the recent win and the record-breaking jackpot in April 2021.
John Coleman, CEO of Microgaming, is proud to be at the forefront of the online slot machine provider that holds the record for jackpot winners. Alongside the entire team at Napoleon Games, he offered his heartfelt congratulations to the lucky winner of the Absolootly Mad jackpot.
Napoleon Games’ manager, Tim De Borle, states that the platform appeals to all kinds of Belgian players. Both sports fans and gaming enthusiasts are fond of the brand.

Absolootly Mad winner

As is often the case with large jackpot prizes, the lucky winner from Belgium has preferred to stay unnamed. He did, however, share a few exciting details with us!
He decided to try his luck and played a 15€ ticket on the Napoleon online casino after hearing about another player win 2 million euros on the same site. On April 27th, he got lucky and hit the ultimate jackpot! He described the feeling as utterly overwhelming. Never in his wildest dreams did he expect to become the biggest winner of the century!

Fans of Absolootly Mad

Launched in May 2020, the Absolootly Mad slot machine appeals to players looking for new thrills. The Absolootly Mad brand also appeals to those already familiar with the original Mega Moolah game. Players from New Zealand are big fans of the franchise! The same goes for other countries such as Canada and the UK. According to our research, players from Belgium are more likely to take risks which may explain why Belgium is the nation with the highest amount of winners in Europe.

Gambling offers in the UK

If you’re from the UK, make sure you don’t mistake the Belgian Napoleon website with the British Napoleon casino chain!
Indeed, the Belgian brand has no link with the British casinos. Players must also bear in mind that online casinos in the UK are subject to specific terms and conditions. For this reason, Mega Moolah games are only available on a few casinos in the UK.

Registering the April 27th 2021 jackpot

Many experts were surprised that the winner of the record-breaking jackpot of over €19 million got lucky on the Napoleon casino site. After all, Napoleon is a small Belgian gambling platform that only operates in Belgium and does not admit players from other countries.
It’s worth noting that the Absolootly Mad slot machine is not the first choice for fans of the Mega Moolah franchise network.
In fact, the most played progressive game at online casinos is the original 2006 Mega Moolah version.
Mega Moolah different versions

All-time world record

The Absolootly Mad record-winning prize of €19,430,723.60 is going to be very hard to beat. The Mega jackpot cannot be won for several months in a row for the Mega Moolah prize to reach this level again.

The previous huge record win was on August 17th 2020.
Grand Mondial Casino holds the world record for the original 2006 Mega Moolah game.
The top three Mega Moolah world record-breaking payouts are:

Date Prize pool Game
April ’21 €19,430,723 Absolootly Mad
Sept ’18 €18,915,872 Mega Moolah
Oct ’15 £13,213,838 Mega Moolah

The expert’s verdict

With a world record for the biggest win on an online slot machine, Belgium has set a new standard in the gambling industry. No gambling expert could have guessed that a small website from Belgium could hold such a record.

Absolootly Mad and casino guides

As incredible as it may seem, most international casino guides barely mention the Napoleon casino and its record-breaking win. The reason being that the Napoleon gaming website isn’t open to the global market and is only available to Belgians. This unusual situation has created a ripple in the online gambling industry, and some casino guide managers have chosen to overlook this incredible jackpot win. However, the Mega Moolah One team believes that such news should be a priority, no matter the circumstances.
Despite that, the Belgian website doesn’t appear at the top of our World Records web page. We prefer to focus on the original Mega Moolah game rather than other franchise games like Absolootly Mad.

Mega Moolah games

The original Mega Moolah game is the most played online slot machine. Of course, fans of the Mega Moolah saga enjoy the brand’s many different games. Still, the 2006 version of the slot machine is by far the most popular.
Most mega jackpot winners got lucky on the original version of the Mega Moolah game mainly by playing on Grand Mondial casino.