The Wheel’s Major Jackpot Pays Every Day

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The Major jackpot on the Mega Moolah wheel pays out a pot of over $10,000 every day. Sure, it’s less than the Mega Jackpot, the biggest pot in the slot machine, but it’s still a huge amount of money. The arrow often lands on the Major jackpot’s yellow segment, where banks exceeding $100,000 are up for grabs.
The Major segment of the wheel wins big

Major jackpot wins over $100,000

Since the game’s launch in 2006, Mega Moolah winners on the Major jackpot have averaged out at $35,000. The smallest Major segment wins are $10,000, and the largest top $100,000. If there aren’t any Major winners for a short period, the pot can reach seven digits.

The Major jackpot never stops

Like the other three jackpots in the Mega Moolah game, the Mini, the Minor, and the Mega, the Major’s pot continually increases until there’s a winner. With each win, the Major resets to $10,000.
Bettors win the Major Mega Moolah jackpot every day
Players win the Mega Moolah’s Major jackpot almost every day. We discovered that up to two players each month earn over $100,000 from one of the three Major segments on the wheel. There can even be two Major winners in 24 hours!

3 Major jackpot wheel segments

The Mega Moolah wheel consists of 20 segments. Half of the segments hold the smallest jackpot, and only one space contains the Mega prize. However, the Major pot appears three times. The wheel’s random number generator is the only element that decides the results. However, it seems that the Major jackpot quite often appears on the screen after lucky players press SPIN. The cool thing is that bettors every month accomplish this feat just by betting 25 cents per spin.

Big winners every week

There are at least two Mega Moolah players who win big on the wheel’s Major jackpot every week. These participants win pots of over $35,000.
When there’s no winner in the Major for over two days, the jackpot exceeds a massive $100,000. Over a three-year history, the Major jackpot is claimed, on average, every one or two days. However, since January 1st, 2021, there have been daily winners on the slot machine’s Major segments.

Mega Moolah pays big

Thanks to the Major segments of the wheel, the Mega Moolah slot machine remains profitable. Even if game testers say otherwise, the fact is that the Major segments make the difference. The slot machine dishes out the Major pot around 300 times a year. Compared to the Mega prize, which may only payout once a month, the Major pays out big time.

Winners list

There’s no official Mega Moolah Major payout list. On the other hand, we often see on online casino banners that the Major jackpot pays out big jackpots. We’ve also found Major jackpot wins on the winner’s list of some casinos. This is the case for the Zodiac Casino site, where there are plenty of Mega Moolah players.
The Zodiac site is home to the biggest Mega jackpot winnings in Canada. It is the same with the Major prize, where a Zodiac customer struck gold, winning over C$200,000 in the Major segment!

Zodiac Casino wins often

If there’s any Mega Moolah online casino with a long list of winners, it’s the Zodiac site. This iconic gambling hall achieves record earnings every year. The casino’s well-deserved success is down to the reliability of the group operating the casino platform.

Payment frequency

The payout frequency rate of the Mega Moolah slot machine is low. So, officials classify the game as a low volatility slot. However, this isn’t the case for the three Mini, Minor, and Major pots. In fact, by our estimates, it’s just the Mega prize making the game volatile. Hence why some experts consider the Mega Moolah slot as moderately volatile instead.

Major jackpot and video slots

With the Major jackpot often paying off on the Mega Moolah wheel, you could consider the game equal to a standard video slot. The numbers speak for themselves! Indeed, the most profitable video slot machines pay the same frequency as the Major jackpot of the Mega Moolah. So, if you’re a fan of video slots, it’s worth choosing the Mega Moolah to try and grab a big jackpot.

Payout rate

The Mega Moolah game’s payout rate is 88.12%. This rate, as with all giant progressive jackpot slots, varies. Typically, the rate is lower with the in-game Mega pot and higher with other pots. We don’t know the rates, as the Mega Moolahs supplier doesn’t reveal its secrets. However, we can still estimate. With the Major pot, we can calculate based on the sums won and the frequency of payment. This would be around 96%. It’s a good rate for risk-takers, but you should never bet all your money there. Remember, the gambling house always has an advantage.

Extra info on rates

Even though a game of chance has a high payout rate, the house still has an advantage. Even with a slot machine that wins more than others, it’s the same story.

Opinions and recommendations

The Mega Moolah slot machine is globally the most played slot for big jackpot hunters. As a result, there’s an impressive list of record wins. On both the games Mega and Major jackpots, the winnings are next level!
Signing up at an online slots affiliate casino is well worth your time. However, remember to limit your budget, it’s still a game of chance.

Winning technique

An excellent tip to avoid getting caught up in gambling fever is to set a time limit. Furthermore, setting a budget of $100 is another suitable method. If you bet $1 per round, it works out as 100 chances of winning. Or, to keep the fun going longer, you could place bets of 0.25 on each spin and enjoy 400 chances to win. On the other hand, the machine’s generator favors $1 bets compared to 25-cent bets.