$/€ 10 Deposit Casinos – The 3 Best Deals

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Finding the best casino deals with a $/€ 10 deposit is a great way to test an online casino without taking too much risk while trying to win a Mega Moolah jackpot. Why $/€ 10 you ask? Because there are profitable offers on the market for bonuses and extra free spins for this amount of money.
For comparison, $/€ 10 deposit deals are better than no deposit offers. You have to be careful with no deposit bonuses as they are, more often than not, subject to terms of use that limit winnings. On the other hand, a deposit bonus of $/€ 10 can earn you a fortune with a bit of luck on your side.
There are also other deposit bonuses worth $/€ 1 and $/€ 5 on the market, but they aren’t quite as profitable as the $/€ 10 ones.
Casino Deals - $/€ 10 deposits

$/€ 10 deposit bonuses

We’ve reviewed casino deals ranging from $/€ 1 to $/€ 20 deposits, and selected the most profitable options. From this, we’ve also concluded that playing with the $/€ 10 deals is the best thing to do as they increase your in-game capital and let you test the casinos with minimal risk.

Unbeatable deals

Among the $/€ 10 promos, some offers pay better than others. You also need to know which bonus matches best with your goals. If you’re looking for Mega Moolah free spins, there are a few slots sites worthwhile considering. On the other hand, if you prefer other slots than the Mega Moolah, you should focus on match bonus deals. Finally, if you like table games, you’ll want to go to a casino that has bonuses available on Roulette and Blackjack instead.
What’s the one thing all the promos we’ve chosen have in common? They all allow you to bet on the Mega Moolah.

Best bonuses start with a $/€ 10 deposit

Our $/€ 10 deposit deals start with a Mega Moolah offer. Then there’s a bonus offered which is valid on all games. To complete the loop, there’s a hybrid offer including bonuses and spins.

1. GRAND MONDIAL – 150 SPINS X $/€ 0.25

Grand Mondial is the most visited online casino in our guide. With their starting offer, each new casino member receives 150 spins on the Mega Moolah slot. That’s 150 chances to score a million dollar jackpot! Getting to spin the Mega Moolah reels 150 times with just a $/€ 10 deposit is a deal that bonus hunters will appreciate.
At online casinos in Canada, this is the most popular offer for playing on progressive slots.
150 Mega Moolah spins for $/€ 10 deposit
Canadian customers are among the most numerous at Grand Mondial when it comes to using this $/€ 10 offer. And, in turn, this slots site has a lot of Canadian winners.


The Jackpot City site is the most famous out of all the virtual casinos. The strength of their casino welcome program is that it can be activated with just $/€ 10. This operation can be done four times in a row, and each deposit is doubled. These 100% match bonuses are valid on all casino games including Blackjack and Roulette.
Jackpot City is an extraordinary casino in the world of slots and home to record-breaking Mega Moolah winnings.
Jackpot City minimum $/€ 10 deposit
Jackpot City is active on five continents and the fact that you can try your luck there with just a $/€ 10 deposit makes this casino site even more famous.


This casino is the best of the best when it comes to video slots. As a Quatro Casino client, you can enjoy a spin offer on slot machines which pay out huge jackpots every day. To top it off, there’s an additional 100% match bonus.
Quatro Casino’s first offer only costs $/€ 10 and it activates 70 spins to be used on seven paid slot machines, as well as an additional $/€ 10 bonus.
Quatro Casino - 70 free spins and 100% match bonus
With just $/€ 10, you can try your luck on some of Quatro Casino’s real money slot machines. However, there’s an extra bonus offering the possibility to play all the games available on the casino platform, including Mega Moolah.

$/€ 10 deposit bonus review

Opting for a $/€ 10 deposit bonus is the most common choice made by casino players as you can bet without risk using generous deals. Not all online casinos offer bonuses that start at $/€ 10; some require you to deposit at least $/€ 20. However, the three bonuses listed above are the best we’ve found.

Grand Mondial – Mega Moolah First

The first Grand Mondial offer listed is a great way to enjoy spins on the Mega Moolah slot. When you consider that this $/€ 10 bonus activates 150 chances to make a fortune, it’s a no-brainer. The $/€ 10 bonuses at Jackpot City and Quatro Casino are also a great way to test these gambling sites. But, if we had to pick one overall in terms of advantages, Grand Mondial would take the gold.

No deposit bonuses

There are two options when it comes to no deposit bonuses. One of them is on display at the Casino Kingdom site which offers a free spin on the Mega Vault Millionaire slot without needing to deposit any money. The Mega Moolah powers the Mega Vault slot, so you count on it being top quality. In terms of graphics and sound effects, this slot is wildly more exciting than the original version of the Mega Moolah.
The other no deposit bonus is found on Casino Classic’s site. This flagship casino, managed by the Casino Rewards chain, was created in 2000. Casino Classic has a massive presence in Canada and Europe and is a hit with fans of the Mega Moolah saga.
The no deposit bonuses at the Kingdom and Classic casinos are the only ones in the world without limitations on the winning potential. It’s even possible, with a healthy dose of luck, to land over a million there without spending a single cent.