Discover the different versions of the Mega Moolah progressive slot and new offers from the Mega Moolah saga. The original version of the game, Mega Moolah, is the most well-known and played worldwide. However, the other versions are just as profitable as the original.

#1. Mega Moolah

Mega Moolah, which launched in November 2006, is the original version of the progressive slot. It’s the best online progressive jackpot slot. The notoriety of this game is unmatched, and no other online slot machine has been as successful. Among the top-rated online casinos, the Grand Mondial website produces the most Mega Moolah winners.
Grand Mondial

#2. Mega Vault Millionaire

Mega Vault Millionaire is the other standard Mega Moolah slot, but with a more modern graphic theme. This progressive slot, available from Casino Classic, is recommended for playing from a mobile or tablet. With Casino Classic, each new member receives a free no deposit round, making it one of the only Mega Moolah sites to offer a 100% free chance to win the super prize with over a million guaranteed. This version of the Mega Moolah launched in September 2019 and is exclusive to the Casino Rewards group, one of the world leaders in online slot machines.
Casino Classic

#3. Juicy Joker

The Juicy Joker Mega Moolah slot is the newest version of the game. Following its release in February 2021, Juicy Joker is headlining at Spin Casino. This game stands out from other Mega Moolah variants as its random number generator favors the Mega jackpot of the bonus wheel. In other words, the arrow of the bonus wheel triggers the giant prize more often when playing with max bets. Spin Casino is also home to a huge $1000 sign-up bonus offer.
Spin Casino

#4. Absolootly Mad

In the Royal Vegas Casino game list, this 2020 version of the Mega Moolah is the most recent in the saga. Alice in Wonderland inspires the theme of the Absolooty Mad, and it’s proved to be a hit! With this Mega Moolah slot, you can bet up to $50 on each round, which is 8 times more than with the standard version of the game. By choosing this slot at the Royal Vegas online casino, you get 50 spins completely free. This 50-spin offer is activated with a starting bet of $20 (minimum). The starting bet (the deposit) is then doubled, which is considered a match bonus.
Royal Vegas

#5. Atlantean Treasures

Atlantean Treasures is another way to try your luck at the Mega Moolah. Designed for high rollers, you can bet up to $200 per spin with this slot machine. This option was introduced to cater to every player’s requests. At Jackpot City Casino, Atlantean Treasures is guaranteed to be the slot that produces the biggest winners in the years to come. As with all progressive slots, the higher the bets, the more the chances of winning increase.
Jackpot City


Broadly speaking, the slots of the Mega Moolah Saga all save as much money as the original 2006 Mega Moolah version. However, the two most current versions of the slot, the Absolootly Mad and the Atlantic Treasures, have different betting options, and the payouts on the lines operate differently, too. The common point between these five Mega Moolah slots is that they all offer chances to win the Mega jackpot. Also, the payout rates of these five slot machines are the same. Thus, the chances of winning don’t change regardless of the slot chosen.

Ways to win on the 5 Slots

  • Mega Moolah – up to 25 pay lines.
  • Mega Vault Millionaire – up to 25 pay lines.
  • Atlantean Treasures – 10 pay lines, left to right and right to left.
  • Absolootly Mad – 243 winning combinations, like with a classic video slot.

Mega Moolah and Mega Vault Millionaire are the only ones with selectable lines out of these five slots. The other two games have a different approach. With Atlantean Treasures, there are 10 pay lines and you can win back and forth on the reels, left to right and right to left. This makes 20 pay lines in total. The minimum bet with this version of the Mega Moolah is only 10 cents, which makes it good value for money. With the Absolootly Mad slot, there are 243 ways to win. This means that every combination that has identical symbols on the reels (from left to right) earns you money. With Absolootly Mad, you can play from 20 cents on each round, which may make it more favorable to the original version.

Minimum stakes on Mega Moolah slots

  • Atlantean Treasures: $0.10 per spin,
  • Absolootly Mad: $0.20 per spin,
  • Mega Moolah : $0.25 per spin,
  • Mega Vault Millionaire : $0.25 per spin.

Maximum stakes on Mega Moolah slots

  • Atlantean Treasures : $200 per spin,
  • Absolootly Mad : $50 per spin,
  • Mega Moolah : $6.25 per spin,
  • Mega Vault Millionaire : $6.25 per spin.
Minimum bet levels are ideal for players with smaller budgets. As you can see, the Atlantean Treasures slot machine can be played with as little as 10 cents per spin, making it the cheapest option in the saga. It’s worth noting that only two of these slot machines give you a chance to hit the bonus jackpot each round, earning the highest progressive prize in the Mega Moolah of over a million. It is with the Mega Moolah and Mega Vault Millionaire slot machines that this function exists by default. With these two Mega Moolah slot machines, the bonus game is triggered randomly. This is why these two slots are the favorites in the Mega Moolah saga.

Progressive jackpot triggers

Mega Moolah and Mega Vault Millionaire randomly trigger the bonus jackpot wheel on any spin. With Atlantean Treasures, on the other hand, the progressive trigger Scatter must land on the three middle reels to trigger a chance to launch the jackpot bonus wheel. With Absolootly Mad, you have to collect Wilds to start the progressive jackpot bonus wheel. The first thing to note is that each Mega Moolah game has a different progressive trigger (except for the Mega Moolah and Mega Vault Millionaire slots which work the same way). The chance to win the first progressive jackpot (the mini jackpot that starts at $10) is the same on all games in the saga.

Atlantean Treasures and Absolootly Mad

With the Atlantean Treasures and Absolootly Mad slot machines, you can win the Mega jackpot if certain game events are triggered. These versions of the Mega Moolah are a bit complicated to understand at first. But, the five slots in the saga all offer the same chances of winning. What changes is the way you try to win the mega jackpot.

Repayment rates

The five Mega Moolah slots are programmed with a payout rate of 88.12%. However, there may be slight variations. The volumes of bets impact this made each month on each of the slot machines. On each stake made by the players, a fraction of 8.8% is taken to feed the Mega Moolah jackpots. Also, the Mega Moolah saga has a common payout rate of 96.92% (88.12 + 8.8%). The casino’s margin is 3.08% (100% – 96.92%). All in all, the games on the Mega Moolah network have a payback of 96.92%.