Over €14 Million Won on the Mega Moolah on August 17th

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Monday, August 17th, 2020 – A jaw-dropping win took place on the Mega Moolah. A €14,239,532 jackpot was hit on one of the slot machines in the Mega Moolah saga.
The player triggered the staggering €14.2 million jackpot win on 17 August 2020 while playing at Lucky Casino – the highest-ever winner for the casino! As with all payouts on Microgaming’s progressive jackpot network, the winner will receive the prize as a lump sum. We’ll let you know if we receive any more details in the coming weeks about this record 2020 win.
Today, we know that the biggest winner of the year lives in Sweden and has so far chosen to remain anonymous. In any case, this player won’t have much to worry about with the SEK 146 million in their bank account (€ 1 = CA$ 1.55 = SEK 10.23).
€14,239,532 jackpot won on August 17th, 2020

Jackpots over 10 million

Winning over $10 million is becoming more and more familiar with the Mega Moolah. This year alone, with the victory on August 17th, four jackpots were triggered, which reached over 10 million. In general, most wins are between 1 to 3 million with the Mega Moolah, but the trend of the last few years shows more impressive winnings. This slot machine’s popularity only increases with time, contributing to inflating the jackpots in the game. The best parts about this progressive slot? The more bets there are, the more the pot at stake increases. And, with each Mega win, the pot reboots to 1 million.

2020 Mega wins

Since January 1st, 2020, five players have managed to cash in millions on the wheel of the Mega Moolah. We’ve listed these five massive wins below.

€ 14,239,532 – 17th Aug, 2020

At today’s exchange rate, that works out as CA$ 22,140,900 This means that the record win of May 5th, 2020, by a Canadian at Jackpot City Casino was beaten hands down.
Moreover, this €14,239,532 jackpot isn’t far from the all-time record.

CA$ 4,480,847 – 27th May, 2020

This was a wild win for May 2020. This jackpot was won at one of Casino Rewards groups’ online casinos, only adding value to their sites. The winner made bets of 75 cents during their winning session.

CA$ 9,959,553 – May 24th, 2020

May 2020 marked three giant victories on the Mega Moolah with the May 8th and 27th wins. The wheel of the Mega Moolah really heated up during this period and the Lion’s Paw landed on the slot’s Mega jackpot space three times.

NZ$ 13,615,861 – May 8th, 2020

A player from New Zealand landed this incredible prize pool at River Belle casino. New Zealanders are fans of online slots, and Mega Moolah is one of their most popular casino games.

CA$ 16,496,347 – 5th April, 2020

This Mega win took place at the Jackpot City Casino on the standard version of the Mega Moolah saga. In turn, it placed this casino among the highest paying in Canada in terms of paid jackpots. Expertly managed, Jackpot City’s casino receives positive reviews on almost every progressive slot guide.

Grand Mondial

The current 2020 winnings haven’t come far from the Mega Moolah world record, which took place at the Grand Mondial Casino. This extraordinary €18,915,872 record dates back to 2018. So far, no one has managed to break this colossal record – although it almost happened several times in 2019 and 2020.

Previous wins

Overall, at Grand Mondial or any other casino, you can see that most winners are from Canada, followed by New Zealand and Europe. It remains to be seen what will happen by the end of the year.
Will Canadians always be among the big winners?
And will the world record be broken this year?
See you on December 31st to find out!

Anonymity and confidentiality

The policy of the Mega Moolah casino sites takes into account player confidentiality. It’s just like with the lottery when there are wins, and players often prefer to keep a low profile, and the gambling house maintains anonymity. However, with the Mega Moolah, some players sometimes ask to make themselves known.
Below, we’ve listed the Grand Mondial Casino Mega Moolah winners. Players from this casino network who’ve won a fortune have chosen to make themselves known.
Mega Moolah Winners at Grand Mondial Casino
Post updated on: August 31, 2020