How to Play and Win at Mega Moolah

We reveal a few tips on how to succeed on Mega Moolah on this page. Aside from just plain luck, there are a few tricks to increase your chances of winning. It’s also possible to increase the value of the jackpot wheel in play. With 25 pay lines, this progressive game has two winning symbols to look out for: the Wild and the Scatter. Other symbols also earn money, depending on the combinations triggered.

The four essentials

Before going into too much detail, we’ve listed four most important steps below for betting on the progressive Mega Moolah slot. Each bet is a chance to win the Mega jackpot, and each spin (min. 25 cents up to max. 6.25 bet) is a chance to make a fortune. Thus, it is possible to win with $0.25 coins. However, the higher the stakes, the higher the odds of winning. With each bonus round triggered on the wheel, the lion’s paw determines the prize. If the lion’s paw print stops on the white box, you win a Mega jackpot of over two million.

1. The game

The game
You have to select the number of pay lines and tokens you want to bet during a round, as well as the number of tokens. A maximum of 125 chips can be wagered at once, working out at $6.25 per spin.

2. The button

The Spin
How to play? Once the bet is selected, click on “Spin”. The operation can be repeated as many times as you want. The Autoplay button allows you to play a series of several rounds in one go.

3. Wild and Scatter

Wild and Scatter
Look out for the “Wild” Lion symbol because they double your winnings. As for the monkey symbols, these represent the “Scatter”; if you get three, they trigger 15 free spins, and the winnings are multiplied by 3.

4. The jackpot wheel

The jackpot wheel
How do you find the wheel that wins the jackpots? The wheel can be triggered at any time. When it appears, simply spin it and cross your fingers, as this could be when you win the super prize pool.

Currency has an impact

When registering at an online casino, you can choose the currency you wish to play in. This choice has an impact on the value of the Mega Moolah in the event of a win. The source of the Mega Moolah jackpots is calculated in pounds sterling (£) as the slot machine’s producer, Microgaming, is based in England. Microgaming’s genius also made it possible to offer the progressive slot in euros (€), Canadian dollars (CAD), and US dollars ($). When comparing exchange rates, the British pound is the strongest, so betting in £ brings in a bigger prize pool if you win. It will, of course, cost you a little more in deposits, but the jackpot will be higher.

Play in £ to win more

The exchange rate market is constantly changing, but the British pound is still stronger than the euro and the dollar. Earning a million in pounds is a lot more money than in dollars or euros. So, take advantage if you are open to playing in pounds. On the other hand, if you prefer to play with your country’s currency, the kitty in play is just as impressive.

Wild and Scatter symbols


The Lion = The Wild symbol

The first of the special symbols is the lion. It can be used to replace any other symbol and helps create winning lines. Another advantage of the lion is that it has a 2x multiplier on the pay lines.

Earnings with the Wild symbol

  • 2 Wilds – 15 coins
  • 3 Wilds – 125 coins
  • 4 Wilds – 1500 coins
  • 5 Wilds – 15,000 coins
Wild - The Lion

The Monkey = The Scatter symbol

The other profitable symbol at Mega Moolah is the monkey. It triggers a real money prize when you have two or more of these symbols on the reels, even if the monkeys aren’t all on one line. Payments for these wins are calculated based on the size of your bet. Also, if you have three or more monkeys, it activates 15 free spins, which triple the winnings. This can earn up to 225,000 coins.

Earnings with the Scatter Symbol

  • 2 Scatters – 2x your bet win
  • 3 Scatters – 3x your bet win
  • 4 Scatters – 20x your bet win
  • 5 Scatters – 100x your bet win
Scatter - The Monkey

Other symbols and winnings

The Wilds and Scatters may be the symbols you want to win the most on Mega Moolah Mega. But, other symbols have an impact and can also earn you coins. In total, there are ten different symbols (plus the Lion and the Monkey). These symbols are divided into two groups. First is the group of lower values; the 10, Jack, Queen, King, and Ace. Then, the group of higher values; the Antelope, Zebra, Giraffe, Ox, and Elephant. To win, the symbols must start on the left-hand roller and be on the same pay line.

3 symbols – 2 coins
4 symbols – 10 coins
5 symbols – 40 coins

3 symbols – 3 coins
4 symbols – 15 coins
5 symbols – 60 coins

3 symbols – 4 coins
4 symbols – 20 coins
5 symbols – 75 coins

3 symbols – 6 coins
4 symbols – 30 coins
5 symbols – 100 coins

3 symbols – 8 coins
4 symbols – 40 coins
5 symbols – 150 coins

3 symbols – 10 coins
4 symbols – 50 coins
5 symbols – 250 coins

3 symbols – 20 coins
4 symbols – 100 coins
5 symbols – 400 coins

3 symbols – 30 coins
4 symbols – 125 coins
5 symbols – 500 coins

2 symbols – 4 coins
3 symbols – 40 coins
4 symbols – 150 coins
5 symbols – 600 coins

2 symbols – 6 coins
3 symbols – 50 coins
4 symbols – 250 coins
5 symbols – 750 coins

Slot overview

Rolls 5
Lines 3
Payment lines 25
Free spins Yes: 15 spins with a multiplier of 3 with the monkey
Bonus round Yes: Jackpot Wheel
Progressive game Yes: 4 Jackpots. Mini, Minor, Major et Mega.
Multipliers 2x with Wild symbol
3x with Scatter symbol
RTP 88.12% – 96,92%
Payment on lines Left to right
Autoplay Yes
Bet per spin from 0.25 to 6.25
Currencies $, €, CA$ and £
Launch year 2006
Win records See page: world record winnings
The Wilds, Scatters, and free spins are all factors that help you reach the Mega Moolah jackpot. If you have the chance to trigger the Wheel Bonus during a game session, you will be redirected to a screen displaying the Mega Moolah jackpot wheel. This wheel is divided into a number of different sections with the four huge progressive jackpots up for grabs at any time.
The wheel jackpot bonus

What are the four progressive jackpots?

One of the Mega Moolah slot machine’s best traits is that there’s not only one, but four, prize pools to be won. This is what differentiates this progressive slot from all the others, except for the Wheel of Wishes and Mega Vault Millionaire slots. Both of which are in Zodiac Casino’s online games catalog.

Mini, Minor, Major & Mega

Mini, Minor, Major & Mega are the four jackpots at play on the Mega Moolah slot. First, there’s the Mini, which starts at $10. This mini jackpot is quite easy to win and often exceeds $30. Then there is the Minor progressive jackpot, which has a starting value of $100. Like the Mini, its value can easily be tripled with a win. Then it starts to become very profitable with the Major, which has a $10,000. The Major is popular with players looking for a 5-digit jackpot, and considering it often exceeds $30,000, this type of win is significant. Finally, there is the most impressive progressive jackpot, the Mega, which starts at 2 million.
Mega Moolah Wheel of Fortune

Lion’s paw

With Mega Moolah’s 4 progressive jackpots, you’re guaranteed to win a prize pool as soon as a bonus round is triggered. Once activated, the jackpot wheel determines the prize with the lion’s paw print. The higher your initial bet, the better the chances of triggering the wheel. But rest assured! Some of the biggest jackpots won have also been won with a 25 cent bet. Like with all slot machines, winning big sums of money at Mega Moolah depends on luck.

When the bonus game is activated, the wheel of fortune displays different colored segments. These segments contain the current jackpots. If you fall on the segment with the paw print, you make a fortune. But, all the other boxes also earn you money. The three white boxes win the Major jackpot, the six orange boxes the Minor jackpot, and the ten red boxes the Mini jackpot.

The wheel of fortune

Four different colors determine which jackpots to win on the wheel of fortune. Each box earns a prize. Of these 20 spaces, the Mega jackpot is the hardest to hit, but this space makes the luckiest of players millionaires.

The four colors in detail

  • White (1 segment) wins the Mega jackpot – over $2,000,000.
  • Yellow (3 segments) wins the Major jackpot – over $10,000.
  • Orange (6 segments) wins the Minor jackpot – over $100.
  • Red (10 segments) wins the Mini jackpot – over $10.
The wheel

Return to Player (RTP) – 88.12% – 96.92%

The Return to Player, also called the payout percentage, is the payout percentage of a slot machine. It represents the fraction of all bets refunded by the slot machine. The higher the RTP of a slot, the higher the chances of winning. Mega Moolah’s RTP is 88.12%. This rate may seem low, but when you look closely, it’s a fair amount. 8.8% of each bet on the Mega Moolah is fed into the four jackpots in play. This, therefore, amounts to saying that the Mega Moolah slot has a payout rate of 96.92% (88.12 + 8.8%).

Using bonuses and welcome rounds

Using the bonuses and welcome rounds of online casinos is a great way to get started. But to make the most of it, it’s vital to choose offers with the most advantageous conditions of use. Among all the valid offers, some are more profitable than others.
The free welcome spins are the cheapest offers, plus they’re a real chance to hit the jackpot.
For free spins, Grand Mondial is the place to go.
As for deposit bonuses, you’ll want to head straight to Jackpot City for the best deals. At Jackpot City Casino, there are up to $1600 in real money bonuses available.

Loyalty program and extra bonuses

If you’ve used the bonus and welcome round options, and you haven’t won the Mega Jackpot, you can still count on casino loyalty programs. Just like with welcome offers, these programs earn free bonuses. For each bet you make at your favorite online casino, you receive credit points. These credit points are bonus extras to play for real money. You can make your gaming sessions more profitable by choosing generous online casinos that reward their loyal players. Today, that site is Grand Mondial.


After reading this article, you should know a lot more about winning on the Mega Moolah slot. Firstly, take advantage of the welcome offers from the most honest online casinos – we recommend Grand Mondial and Jackpot City. The offers from these two online casinos can be combined. Then, once you’ve registered with the online casino(s) of your choice, you can start playing. With the Grand Mondial offer, you can bet with the free spins offer. With the second bonus ($250), you can bet big with max bets. If you choose the Jackpot City offer, you can make max bets directly if you wish. Note that by making max bets, the odds of winning increase. On the other hand, luck is also a critical factor in winning the Mega jackpot of over 2 million with minimum bets of 25 cents.
The slot machine