1st Winner in 2022 on the Mega Moolah – €7.3 Million Won

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February 6, 2022, marked the start of a series of big wins on slots in the Mega Moolah saga.
That day, a player won a massive jackpot of over €$7 million! This phenomenal jackpot is the largest won at an online casino in 2022.

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Mega Moolah winning record in 2022

Key points

Players will undoubtedly win other record jackpots during the year. Indeed, games like the Mega Moolah slot machines constantly attract players looking to win big on the Internet.
Are there any other games similar to the Mega Moolah slots series? Yes, the WowPot slots. These games are also some of the most popular games to win huge jackpots on many online casinos.

February 6, 2022, Mega Moolah Winner

The recent winning jackpot reaching over 7 million adds to the record jackpots won at Mega Moolah affiliated casinos. Unsurprisingly, the biggest jackpots won at online casinos almost always come from Mega Moolah slots. However, the new WowPot games, launched between 2020 and 2021, have already dished out millions on casino sites. These new games resemble the Mega Moolah concept.
The jackpot won on February 6 is a 2022 record. This win is certainly far from the world record of April 27, 2021, but it is still impressive. Will another player beat this in 2022? It all depends on the current prize pools on the Mega Moolah and WowPot slots.
Historically, winnings of over 7 million on online slot machines go down in history. However, some ultra-lucky players have become multi-millionaires among all the great gains made. Our list of record jackpots won in recent years shows you all those whopping wins.

Origin of the February 2022 winner

There’s no personal info on the 1st 2022 Mega Moolah winner. In fact, it’s likely we will never know more about this record gain. Indeed, it is rare for players who have millions in an online casino to reveal their identity.
Under Microgaming rules, the players’ identity remains private unless the winner requests otherwise. In these specific cases, as soon as a winner reveals who they are to the general public, Casino News Guides quickly release all the exciting details.
Statistically, since the launch of the first online slot machines, less than 10% of players who have won million in online casinos revealed their identity.

Mega Moolah and WowPot slots

Mega Moolah and WowPot series online slots are the casino games paying out the biggest jackpots.
These two series, provided by publisher Microgaming, are the stars of the web when it comes to trying your luck on games that can fetch millions.
No other slot machine company beats Microgaming. Even web giants like NetEnt and Playtech can’t match Microgaming’s progressive slots.
WowPot progressive jackpot games

Play Mega Moolah at an online casino

The slot machines in the Mega Moolah series feature in casinos affiliated with Microgaming. Some of these casinos are well known to experienced players who often try their luck on the Mega Moolah saga. There are a few with welcome offers you don’t want to miss among these casinos. This is particularly the case of the Zodiac Casino site. This star-themed casino has a promo giving you 80 spins for just a $1 deposit. That’s a 2000% welcome bonus as the 80 spins are $0.25 coins each, making it a $20 bonus.

Playing a WowPot game from an online casino

Trying your luck on slots from the WowPot series can bring in millions. WowPot games have progressive jackpots starting at 2 million. This is twice as much as Mega Moolah slot machines. However, winning the pot on a WowPot game is more difficult than on a Mega Moolah game. Indeed, the winning odds on WowPot slot machines are only favorable when betting high.

Mega Moolah VS WowPot

Compared to a Mega Moolah slot machine which can win the jackpot with only 25 cent bets, it takes at least $2 spins on a WowPot game to win.
Are you planning to play on a WowPot slot machine? The trick of using free bonuses to increase your budget is a good tip. This type of promo doubles your capital on the 1st real money deposit.

Tips for becoming a Mega Moolah winner

There are several tips and tricks to boost your chances of winning big on Mega Moolah slots. According to the most experienced players, going for max bets every round is the most effective method. For example, the original title of the series, with the head of a Lion as an icon, represents a cost of $6.25 per spin. Another less expensive trick is to make lots of 25 cent bets one after the other. These two methods are equal since it is above all the component of chance that makes the difference.