Top Paying RTP Online Slot Machines

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A slot machine’s return per player (RTP) is its theoretical payout percentage. Contrary to popular belief, a slot machine that pays big jackpots is not the one with the best RTP. Conversely, a slot machine with a high RTP rate won’t win you a big jackpot.
Whether you are in a gambling house or on a casino site, the RTP of a slot machine is always shown. You can just click on the help button to find the info with online casinos.
Return to player (RTP) of online slots
If increasing the value of a jackpot up for grabs is your goal, progressive slot machines are your go-to choice. Although these games don’t have the highest RTP rates, they remain the slot machines with the greatest potential to win a lot of money. But, of course, the best thing about these games is that you can land the biggest casino jackpots on the Internet .

RTP of progressive slot machines

Progressive online slot machines pay the biggest jackpots out of all casino games. There is nothing better when trying to win millions! These games have a minimum starting jackpot operating in a network. Each time a player places a bet, the jackpot increases. The starting seeds for the highest paying progressive jackpot slot machines start at $1 million or $2 million. As long as no one wins the top prize, the pot keeps increasing with a fraction from each bet. The most iconic progressive slot is the Mega Moolah. This type of game is “tight”; in other words, it is difficult to win the top prize. On the other hand, when it pays off, you’ll win a life-changing jackpot.

The RTPs of progressive slot machines vary from 85% to 94%. In general, the lower the rate, the higher the jackpot. The casinos take only a 3% to 5% margin on these games, and the difference feeds the jackpots of the progressive games. This is why the most popular progressive slots have crazy prizes.
Progressive slots from gambling dens

Ideal repayment rates

The most favorable return to player rate is 96% to 97% for slot machines. These games offer a good balance between the amount of money bet and the jackpots available. These games are in the same category as five reel video slots and are most popular at online casinos. They do exist in land casinos, but their payout rates are lower as the cost of operating a land-based casino is higher, forcing gambling houses to increase their profit margins.
Unlike progressive slots, video slots have fixed jackpots. The online video slots paying out the biggest jackpots in this niche come from the publisher Microgaming.

Win a jackpot easily

The themed, five-reel video slot machines, with an RTP of close to 96%, are the middle ground between classic slots and progressive jackpot games. A player often wins small pots with a typical slot machine because the game has an RTP rate set to over 97%. However, the biggest sums of money on classic slots never exceed $10,000. In contrast, when wagering on five-reel video slot machines, with RTP rates ranging from 96% to 97%, the biggest jackpots reach over $100,000. You can play slot machines like this at the best online casinos in our guide.
5-reel video slots have fair RTPs

RTP slot machines that pay well

Casino games making a buzz these days are the online slots Break da Bank Again, Immortal Romance, and Thunderstruck II. With high RTP rates, these games tempt players with their fixed jackpots of over $100,000. Honestly, these are the most popular slot machines of 2022. The Quatro Casino site has a 700 free spins offer available if you’re keen to try these slots. This promo includes seven different video slots, and Immortal Romance is one. The six other slot machines in Quatro Casinos deal offer significant payout potential.
When you visit the Quatro site, the slots in the current offer may vary. If this is the case, it means the site’s operator has new and exciting games you don’t want to miss.

RTP – A key factor

The return to player rate is decisive when it comes to slot machines. Typically, if winning often is your goal, choose online slots that have RTPs of at least 97%. However, you’ll only earn small gains with this category of games. If, on the other hand, you like to take risks by aiming only for big jackpots, progressive slots with RTPs of around 90% are your best bet. We strongly recommend the slots machines in the Mega Moolah series if you’re this type of player.
Unfortunately, there are not any progressive slots with high RTP rates. In progressive slots, it’s a bit like lotto, the odds of winning big are low, but when luck hits, it changes your life.

RTP slots categories

Slot machines fall into three RTP categories. There are low, medium, and high rates.

  1. High, the RTP starts at 97%,
    Slots with RTPs above 97% never reverse large jackpots. The maximum winnings are $10,000..
  2. Medium, the RTP starts at 94% and does not exceed 97%,
    This category of slots is a good balance between risk-taking and the odds of winning a jackpot of over $100,000.
  3. Low, the RTP is below 94%,
    In this area, progressive slots are the best. You can win millions with this category of slots.

The online slots that payout the most money

On the whole, the casino games that pay out the most cash are the five-reel non-progressive video slots. This is because all the jackpots won on these slot machines result in the highest business volumes. As for the progressive slots, they take second place. Even though the biggest winning records were on progressive slots, the non-progressive video slots are the most played. However, this in no way detracts from the fact that progressive slots have the best wins.

Casino games with the best RTP rate

Video Poker is the casino game with the Gold Award for the best RTP rate. Commonly thought of as a card game, video poker is an electronic game resembling an online slot. The game uses the same rules as classic poker. Video poker has RTP rates of 99%. However, the sums of money up for grabs are limited in video poker, meaning these games don’t promise players a fortune.
Video poker is the game with the best RTP rate


Players seem to prefer fair ratios on online slot machines (RTP rate 96% to 97%). This is probably because it’s disappointing when you can’t easily land jackpots with progressive slots. Finding the best paying online slot machine is a balance between a high payout rate and the possibility of winning a big jackpot (from $1500 to $100,000). These online slots feature in the catalog of the most successful casino sites. If you are interested in these games, visit the Mega Moolah casinos in our guide. Each recommended online casino has several video slots with RTPs close to 97%. These slots have giant prize pools up for grabs, so it’s worth a shot.