Wheel of Wishes Slot Machine

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The Wheel of Wishes (WOW) slot machine is part of the games in the WowPot network. Microgaming provides these games, the same creators of the Mega Moolah slot. Just like the Mega Moolah series, WowPot slots make the luckiest players millionaires. Wheel of Wishes is the original game in the WowPot series.
After launching on February 11, 2020, on Microgaming casino sites, Wheel of Wishes quickly attracted players looking for big jackpots. The Wheel of Wishes title isn’t as famous as the Mega Moolah slot machine, but it’s gaining more players every month. Moreover, high-traffic online casinos highlight the Wheel of Wishes game, only contributing to its success.
Slot machine Wheel of Wishes

Comparison with Mega Moolah slots

The Wheel of Wishes game wheel, like those in other WowPot games, works the same as Mega Moolah slot machines.
The difference with WowPot slots is that the two big pots of the progressive jackpots start at $50,000 and 2 million. All in all, with Wheel of Wishes or any other WowPot game, the potential to win a record jackpot is higher than with one of the Mega Moolah slots. In addition, with Major pots, players have already taken home over $350,000. So compared to the Major Pots in Mega Moolah slots, WowPots are frankly much more exciting.

Wheel of Wishes pots and RTP rates

Redistribution rate RTP 93.34%
MINI jackpot $10+
MINOR jackpot $100+
MAJOR jackpot $50,000+
WOWPOT jackpot $2,000,000+
Playable currencies $, €, £, C$, NZ$

Mega Moolah pots and RTP rates

Redistribution rate RTP 88.12%
MINI jackpot $10+
MINOR jackpot $100+
MAJOR jackpot $10,000+
MEGA jackpot $1,000,000+
Playable currencies $, €, £, C$, NZ$

Wheel of Wishes – WowPot of over 2 million

The Wheel of Wishes game and the other slots in the WowPot series quickly gained popularity. Although it may seem that there are a lot of them, these types of slots are rare. To date, there are only three sets of reliable online progressive games that offer real chances of winning millions; the Mega Moolah and WowPot slot machines, as well as exclusive slots from the LeoVegas site. The LeoVegas Group is at the head of progressive games with multi-million jackpot pots. However, as we said earlier, WowPot slots are the only casino games with a seed pot starting at 2 million!
The 4 jackpots available to win on the wheel of the game


The Wheel of Wishes game doesn’t always feature in every Microgaming casino. Indeed, not all casino operators lean towards progressive WowPot slots. However, among the casinos that do stock WowPots, certain sites are better than others. These three iconic casinos are Jackpot City, Royal Vegas, and Spin Casino. Keep reading below to find out why these sites are the best.


BONUS: $1600
Jackpot City has one of the best welcome bonus offers out there. You can claim the $1600 bonus in four $400 steps. Each of the bonuses activates after you deposit a minimum of $10. To receive the maximum bonus amount, you’ll need to $400 with each deposit. If you claim all the bonuses with $400 deposits, it gives you a bankroll of $3200! This much money means a vast number of spins on the Wheel of Wishes.
The Jackpot City welcome program bonuses work out at 100% of the value of deposits made. This offer is one of a kind, and you can use them to play on the entire range of WowPot slots.
More info on Jackpot City


BONUS: $1200
Royal Vegas Casino also has a great welcome bonus offer. The casino program gives you $1200 in 4 steps. Each bonus is 100% of the value of your deposit, starting from a minimum of $10. You can enjoy the Royal Vegas bonuses on all casino games.
These casino bonuses give you the chance to receive up to $300 on each deposit. These bonuses are real money credits. At Royal Vegas, lucky players have already hit the top prize on Mega Moolah slots.
More info on Royal Vegas


BONUS: $1000
Spin Casinos offer works out as $1000 in 3 steps. The 1st bonus is 100% on any deposit of $10 to$400, and the next two are 100% up to a $300 deposit. By becoming a member of Spin Casino, you could win millions on the Wheel of Wishes, WowPot, and Mega Moolah slots.
Players have already won big with Spin Casino welcome bonuses, especially with progressive slots.
More info on Spin Casino

Wheel of Wishes WowPot

Each coin bet on the slot increases the amount of money in the jackpots. The more players bet, the juicier the pots. Progressive jackpots mean a percentage from each wager funds the jackpots. The Wheel of Wishes game has four banks up for grabs, the Mini, the Minor, the Major, and the WowPot.
All the slots in the WowPot network contribute to the pots, which can drive up the jackpots.

Win the WowPot

To land one of the Wheel of Wishes progressive jackpots, you must trigger the bonus wheel. Once activated, the wheel displays in full screen. At this point, a click on the SPIN button is all you need to spin the wheel. After a few seconds, the wheel comes to rest on the fixed arrow in the game.
If the needle is on the yellow segment, you win the WowPot! Remember, all the other segments also win prizes, including the reds, the Major, which pay out a minimum of $50,000.

Bet real money on Wheel of Wishes

Payment lines 10
Reels and rows 5 X 3
Wild and Scatter symbols Yes
Min. and max. bets per spin from $0.20 to $200
Game redistribution rates from 77.74% to 93.34%
5.3% from each bet funds the Wheel of Wishes pot. The percentage increases to 14.5% when the Power Spin function activates.

Power Spin function

Power Spin is a feature allowing you to bet up to 10 times the value of an initial bet. High bets trigger the bonus wheel at a higher frequency. So as not to disadvantage players who bet without this option, “Power Spin” bettors contribute 14.5% of their stakes. The Power Spin is available from a $0.20 bet, meaning it’s possible to significantly boost the chances of winning big from $2 per spin.

Wheel of Wishes and free spins deals

Are there free spins deals on the Wheel of Wishes? The answer is YES, but they aren’t all worthwhile. Here on Mega Moolah One, we have tested all the WowPot slots offers with free spins with or without deposit. Unfortunately, neither of these offers earn anything.

Wheel of Wishes WowPot Jackpot

The yellow segment of the wheel pays the jackpot of over 2 million (WowPot). The red segments are the Major pots, and the smaller pots are grouped on the green and blue segments.

The 20 segments of the wheel

Yellow (x1) WowPot of 2 million
The only segment of the wheel that wins the WowPot of over 2 million.

Red (x3) Major jackpots of $50,000
These segments win massive pots, sometimes exceeding $350,000.

Green (x6) Minor jackpots of $100
These jackpots are often won on the bonus wheel of the slot machine.

Blue (x10) Mini jackpots of $10
They represent half of the segments of the progressive game bonus wheel.

Wheel of Wishes slot segments

Wheel of Wishes game payout rate

The Wheel of Wishes slot doesn’t have a fixed payout rate (RTP). The RTP ranges from 77.74% to 93.34%. There is always a possibility to trigger the bonus wheel, which wins the jackpot. The game has a good payout frequency, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to hit the jackpot.

Trigger the bonus wheel

Thanks to the slot machine’s random number generator (RNG), the bonus wheel can trigger at any time. As long as the Scatter symbols are showing on the three middle reels and the Power Spin is activated. The Power Spin starts randomly; it’s all about luck. If you activate the Power Spin function before betting, the bonus wheel activates when Scatters are on the middle reels.
The more often the bonus wheel triggers, the higher the chances of winning the 2+ million WowPot. If it’s your lucky day, the bonus wheel could trigger on any bet, and it could stop on the Major or WowPot segment!

WowPot Games Series

The Wheel of Wishes slot machine is the first in the WowPot series. To date, there are 7 WowPot slots up and running. Each version has its specificities, but there is one thing in common between all the games in the series: the bonus wheel. Check out the complete list of titles in the series here.

Lists of big winners

The biggest WowPot win came on April 14, 2021. That day, a British client from the 32Red.com site had a lucky break on the Book of Atem version of the WOW series. This Brit won a whopping £15,183,085. The other two big winning jackpots took place on April 19, 2021 (€2.02M.), and on August 23, 2021 (€4.01M.). So it’s only a matter of time before more lucky players take home more spectacular wins.

Our Wheel of Wishes slot review

Since the start of 2021, WowPot titles have continued to rise, and Wheel of Wishes is a favorite! The slot pays out massive Major pots ($50,000+) frequently, making the game more popular. In addition, you can find Wheel of Wishes in several Mega Moolah casinos, proving its reliability.
The Wheel of Wishes slot machine is becoming as famous as the Mega Moolah game! Of course, you could say the same for the entire WowPot series. As a result, fewer players are betting on the Mega Moolah series, and spectacular wins are now taking place on the new WowPot games from Microgaming.