WowPot Slots Phenomenon

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WowPot slots are making a breakthrough in online casinos. Similar to the Mega Moolah series, these games can become the slots paying the biggest record jackpots of all time. Microgaming has established itself as the King of online slots, provided by the same provider as Mega Moolah slots.
WowPot slot machines will be star games in 2022

WowPots compared to Mega Moolah

Currently, Mega Moolah slots are the online casino games paying out the biggest jackpots.
Thanks to record-breaking winnings, Mega Moolah is a millionaire-making factory!
However, the recent grand prizes won on WowPot games suggest that this could change. Indeed, WowPot slots attract more and more players to the detriment of Mega Moolah titles. Of course, the Mega Moolah series isn’t going to go away overnight. In fact, the most recent releases of the Mega Moolah saga are enough to take your breath away!
The Mega Moolah slots series have a mega jackpot seed that starts at 1 million. On the other hand, the WowPots have seeds twice as large on the top prize segments. As a result, their mega jackpot starts at 2 million!

Best free bonus offers

There are welcome programs at online casinos offering chances to score big on WowPot series slots. The Mega Moolah One team chose two of the best from All Slots and Royal Vegas. These casinos double the value of the first deposit from $10. At All Slots, it can go up to $500, and at Royal Vegas, it’s $300.

All Slots Casino

All Slots: 1st bonus up to $500. You can repeat this operation up to three times in a row, meaning there’s $1500 up for grabs.

Royal Vegas Casino

Royal Vegas: 1st bonus up to $300. You can repeat this operation up to three times in a row, meaning there’s $1200 up for grabs.

A crazy win propelled the WowPots

When the first slot machine in the series launched in February 2020, experts never thought WowPots could compete with the famous Mega Moolah series. The original WowPot slot, Wheel of Wishes, was popular but without necessarily breaking through.
It wasn’t until April 13, 2021, that everything changed! That day a client on the 32Red site won the WowPot on the Book of Atem WowPot slot! As no one had hit the jackpot so far, the prize pool at stake stood at over £15million. This crazy win is a UK record!
The previous UK record was from 2015. On a loyal player landed £13,213,838 on the Mega Moolah slot machine. However, while WowPot games could become the slots that pay the highest prizes, globally the Mega Moolah games have paid the biggest jackpots to date.
Progressive Series Book of Atem WowPot Slot Machine

Winning odds and real money betting options

The odds of winning a multi-million jackpot on WowPot slots are almost the same as on the Mega Moolah series. What changes between the two series is the spins on the WowPot require a budget. It costs less to try your luck on a Mega Moolah slot than on a WowPot. For example, on the original Mega Moolah version, the Lion Icon slot allows you to win the first prize with stakes of only 25 cents.

The high rollers lead the way

All the crazy jackpots won on WowPot slots were made through big bets. Players on a budget are still in with a chance to earn lots of coins on the basic versions of WowPot games. You can accumulate wins without triggering the bonus wheel. Whether you are playing on a WowPot or Mega Moolah slot machine, you have the same functions as classic video slots, but with the added possibility of winning a pot if you trigger the bonus wheel.

WowPot deals

There are no tailor-made welcome offers to try to win the jackpot on a WowPot slot machine. It would have been nice to see offers like the ones on Mega Moolah. In fact, the extra free spin offers in the Mega Moolah series are unbeatable.
Players looking for great WowPot deals can turn to bonus offers like those on display at All Slots and Royal Vegas, or the breathtaking site.

Extraordinary themes and graphics

The themes and the graphics on WowPots are a huge success. Microgaming, the series provider, brought in some of the most talented creative studios in the industry. With themes on the Orient, fantastical worlds, and the adventures of Sherlock Holmes, there is something to dazzle everyone.

Mega Moolah One editorial review

The Mega Moolah One team is excited to introduce you to the world of WowPots. Just like with our guide’s favorite slots, the Mega Moolahs, WowPot games pay big jackpots. However, we still think it’s better to take a chance on a Mega Moolah title. While the odds of winning may seem the same on WowPot titles, there is a difference in budgets.
Getting started on a WowPot slot can be expensive, while on a Mega Moolah game, you can win the jackpot even with a small budget. However, if you have a big budget, you might want to try your luck on a WowPot slot machine. In fact, there are more and more players taking on these slots with a mega jackpot seed that starts at 2 million. We’ll see whether 2022 brings as many winners on the WowPot as on the Mega Moolah series.