Roulette Mega Moolah – Over $2 Million to Win

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Roulette Mega Moolah is a European casino Roulette grafted onto the common jackpots of games in the Mega Moolah saga. Playable since July 2022, the slot machine has already succeeded at Villento Casino.
Mega Moolah Roulette and 2 million dollar jackpot
With a mega jackpot of over $2 million available to win any time, Mega Moolah slots attract players daily. With the recent version of Roulette in the saga’s network, the jackpot in play will continue growing in popularity. In fact, the slot already has plenty of followers and features in many casino guides.

Try your luck at Roulette Mega Moolah

The Roulette Mega Moolah game features in many online casinos. These casino sites, affiliated with the Microgaming and Switch Studios groups, provide players with extraordinary Roulette games. In addition, slot machine sites such as Grand Mondial and Villento Casino are great places to start trying your luck. These two game sites are among the most played in the world, and their bonus offers double the value of your first real money deposit.

Villento Casino and Roulettes

Villento Casino is one of the top online casinos for Roulette fans. The games room includes live Roulette games and free, instant play options to practice classic versions of casino Roulette risk-free.

As for our second recommendation, Grand Mondial Casino is the slots site with the most winning players on the Mega Moolah. In addition, the casino offers 150 spins on the Mega Money Wheel game, which has a fixed jackpot of one million up for grabs in one go.

Most Popular Mega Moolah Title

Of the twenty or so playable Mega Moolah titles, the most successful slot in the series is the original one. This game, from 2006, has the iconic symbol of the Lion. Out of all the games in Microgaming online casinos, this slot machine has paid out the largest number of millionaire jackpots in recent years.

Roulette Mega Moolah following

The Roulette Mega Moolah slot machine is recent, but it already enjoys a strong following. Attracting lovers of table games and slots, the slot machine is already seen as one of the most promising titles in the series.

Roulette Lucky Numbers

In each round of Roulette, 1 to 5 lucky numbers appear on the screen. If you bet on these numbers, it pays 40x to 200x the bet. That’s cool, considering regular Roulette wheels payout 35x winning Straight Up bets.

Mega Moolah number

One of the luckiest numbers, always chosen randomly, is the Mega Moolah number. When winning bets land on this magic number, the bonus wheel displays on the screen. Once you click the SPIN button, you are in with a shot of winning the mega jackpot of over 2 million.

Win the Mega Moolah jackpot

You can only win the Roulette millions if you bet on the winning single number (Straight Up bet).
Beyond the jackpot, with over 2,000,000 at stake, the bonus wheel has three other jackpots.
Mega Moolah Wheel Jackpots:

  • Mini: The jackpot starts at $10.
  • Minor: The jackpot starts at $100.
  • Major: The jackpot starts at $10,000.
  • MEGA: The pot starts at 2 million.

Roulette Mega Moolah RTP

When placing bets on the Roulette Mega Moolah game, not taking Straight Up bets into account, the game’s payout rate (RTP) is 97.3%. This is the same rate as European Roulette.
You could become the next mega jackpot winner when you make single number bets. During these phases of the game, the Roulette’s RTP decreases to 93.61%. This is due to a fraction being taken from bets to fund the Mega Moolah wheel jackpots. Thanks to this progressive mechanism, the mega jackpot in play is constantly increasing. Of course, when a player wins the 2 million + pot, the seed of the pot is reset to its original value.

Real Money Stakes and Winning Odds

The variation of bets on Roulette Mega Moolah allows any player to try their luck. So whether you have a $10 budget or thousands of dollars, you can try your luck on the slot machine. Players have already hit the jackpot by betting less than a dollar per round! So it’s worth trying your luck without taking unnecessary risks.
Players with the funds can boost their chances of winning on Mega Moolah slots. Indeed, by opting for max bets in each round, the random number generator is more likely to trigger the bonus wheel.

Record winnings on the Mega Moolah series

The biggest record jackpots, won on the Mega Moolah series, came from the following titles:

  • Mega Moolah: the slot with the Lion icon. From 25 cents bet per spin, there are already chances of winning the jackpot.
  • Absolootly Mad: the most offbeat theme of the saga. This crazy title attracts fantastic jackpot hunters.
  • Atlantean Treasures: a slot machine with superb graphics. A world of mermaids and treasures to discover.
  • Immortal Romance: a Mega Moolah slot that often pays out jackpots on the non-progressive basis of play.

Record Mega Moolah Jackpots

In the more than one hundred Mega Moolah mega jackpots won from 2006 to the end of 2022, we saw some totally crazy wins. The biggest record jackpots won so far are:
This gigantic jackpot was won by a Canadian at Zodiac Casino.
The Zodiac Casino site is also the online casino with the most Mega Moolah winners in the various Canadian provinces.
This European record came from the slot machine Absolootly Mad! A Belgian player, a loyal customer of the Napoleon Games site in Belgium, won this crazy pot.
A player won this multi-millionaire jackpot at Grand Mondial Casino. The Grand Mondial games room often makes headlines! Indeed, this online casino has seen the greatest number of Mega Moolah jackpots.

Mega Moolah Roulette Betting Chart

Bets of 25 cents per round still offer chances to win the Roulette jackpot attached to the bonus wheel. By betting Straight Up on your favorite number, you are a candidate for the prize of over 2 million. The maximum bet in full is $30. This size of bet boosts the frequency of triggering of the bonus wheel.
Table of payouts and betting limits

Verdict on Roulette Mega Moolah

The Roulette title in the series comes from Switch Studios.
Switch Studios developers are part of the Games Global group, the world leader in online slots. By bringing their know-how to Games Global, online casinos affiliated with Switch Studios benefit from high-end games in the niche of Blackjack and Roulette.

Two ways to make money

Trying your luck at Roulette Mega Moolah as a player can lead to winnings in two ways. First, on the non-progressive basis of the game, everything plays out like in European Roulette. But, where it gets exciting is with winning bets on a single number. When it pays, you could walk away with millions of dollars.