Jackpot Winner of €855,857 on Queen of Alexandria WowPot

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On October 30, 2022, a player landed a vast jackpot worth €855,857 on the Queen of Alexandria WowPot game. This game is one of the slots in the WowPot series and features four progressive jackpots on a bonus wheel.
Major jackpot winner on Queen of Alexandria WowPot
The jackpot came from the Major slot of the game’s bonus wheel. This crazy pot is a 2022 record. When lucky players land a Major pot on a bonus wheel of the WowPot series games, the winnings typically reach about $150,000.

Major Segments of WowPot Wheels

WowPot slots bonus wheels have four pots. These pots are progressive jackpots funded by a fraction of player bets. The 4 pots in play are Mini, Minor, Major, and the WowPot jackpot, with values starting at $10, $100, $50,000, and $2 million.
As soon as someone wins the bonus wheel pots, its value reboots to its original value. The WowPot jackpot is the most desirable prize pool for players. However, the money in play on the Major segments is enough to attract players looking for big wins. Indeed, unlike the WowPot jackpot, which is not easy to win, the Major jackpot is within reach of players trying their luck.

Queen of Alexandria from the WowPot series

Queen of Alexandria WowPot Slots came online in March 2021. You can play this game on Casino sites such as Mummys Gold and Spin Casino, where jackpot hunters love the slot. Since the game’s launch, many players have taken home jackpots of over $50,000 on the Major segments.
No one has won the biggest prize on the slot machine, which is the WowPot jackpot reaching over 2 million.

Major jackpot records

Since the first WowPot slot launch in February 2020, dozens of players have won Major jackpots of over $150,000. Among the winners were three extra special pots:

  1. €1,123,513 ($1,162,330*) – won March 12, 2021 on Sisters of Oz WowPot.
  2. €998,876 ($1,033,387*) – won February 7, 2021 on Book of Atem WowPot.
  3. €855,857 ($885,426*) – won on October 30, 2022 on Queen of Alexandria WowPot.

* Winning jackpots are displayed at the daily exchange rate from the day of publishing.

Recommended WowPot Online Casinos

Winning records often take place at slot machines at the most popular casinos. So picking casinos that have proven themselves is a smart way to go. By opting for these trusted online casinos, such as Mummys Gold and Spin Casino, you’re more likely to join the winners club. You can also use casino welcome bonuses on slot machines with the biggest jackpots up for grabs.

Who is the winner from October 30, 2022?

The winner of the €855,857 pot did not reveal their identity to the public. Moreover, they didn’t disclose which country they live in, or even the name of the casino site where they won the jackpot. Furthermore, per privacy laws, no information on the origin of the winner could be published.

Play on Queen of Alexandria WowPot

If you want to win a big prize on the Queen of Alexandria WowPot, we recommend the Spin Casino site. This online casino holds huge winnings and appeals to fans of progressive slot machines. Additionally, with their casino welcome program, you can claim up to $1000 in free bonuses.

Comparison with the Mega Moolah

Like the WowPot series, the reels of the Mega Moolah slot machines have Major segments too.
Mega Moolah jackpots have lower starting values than WowPot pots. So, on the one hand, we’ve seen record breaking wins on the bonus wheels of the Mega Moolah. But, on the other hand, the Mega Moolahs Major slots do not host huge jackpots (average winnings: $35,000 approx.). The difference is significant compared to the jackpots players have won on the Major slots on WowPot games.

Major jackpot payout frequency

On average, the WowPot Wheels Major jackpot is won at least once a week. That’s quite a payout frequency for slot machines with massive jackpots, and the Major jackpot starts at a whopping $50,000. However, the games in the saga being so popular means it is common for the pot to exceed $150,000.

Multi-currency and multilingual

The Queen of Alexandria WowPot slot is playable on international sites, so you can play in the currency and language of your choice. The Euro and the Dollar are the most popular currencies in these casinos, followed by the Canadian Dollar and the British Pound.
Regarding the betting options, the smallest possible bets are 10 cents per spin. If you want to bet big, you can go up to $200 a spin.

Neon Valley Studios

The Queen of Alexandria WowPot online slot is a creation of Neon Valley Studios. The company is part of the Games Global network, the world leader in Internet casino games.
Developers Neon Valley Studios are at the helm of several iconic slot titles from the Mega Moolah and WowPot sagas. Among these titles, Queen of Alexandria WowPot is a true masterpiece.