World Record Slot Machine Jackpot Win

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The online casino world witnessed a historic moment on December 20, 2023, when the Wheel of Wishes game from the WowPot network crowned a player with a gigantic jackpot of €38,461,200. That’s equivalent to over $42 million in US currency.
The announcement, made by WowPot’s supplier, Games Global, echoed across news sites and casino guides.
WowPot world record jackpot winner on slot machines

Jackpot Winner

There’s currently no info on the winning player who scored €38,461,200. Right now, all we know is the value of the jackpot, the day of the win, and the slot machine they were playing. The winner, who now stands as the luckiest slots player of all time, has unsurprisingly chosen to remain anonymous.

World Records

The previous largest jackpot won on slot machines dates back to 2003 when a young man hit a Megabucks slot jackpot in Las Vegas at the Excalibur Casino. The jackpot was a whopping $39,713,982 and it has taken over 20 years to break this record!

The 2023 record-breaker, however, achieved this feat from the comfort of an online casino, dethroning Las Vegas as the holder of the largest winning jackpot in history. Of course, Megabucks slots will continue to pay out crazy jackpots in the gaming capital of the world, but it seems unlikely this Wheel of Wishes payout will be beaten anytime soon.

WowPot Slots

The WowPot series has around ten slots with different themes. Each game on the network is linked to a bonus wheel offering chances of winning 4 different level progressive jackpots :

  • Mini: The jackpot seed starts at $10.
  • Minor: The jackpot seed starts at $100.
  • Major: The jackpot seed starts at $50,000.
  • WOWPOT: The jackpot seed starts at 2 million.

Much like the Mega Moolah series, a fraction of player stakes contributes to the in-game prize pools, which reset after a win.
Mini and Major jackpots are won almost every second, whereas the Major jackpot is won 1-10 times per week. Similar to the lottery, the famous WowPot jackpot is rarely won.

Boost Your Chances of Winning

For those aspiring to claim a WowPot jackpot, two strategies are recommended: consistently making maximum bets per spin and undertaking extended sessions with hundreds of spins.
By opting for bets of 20 cents per spin and activating the Turbo Spin feature on Wheel of Wishes you actually make bets of $2 per spin. This is a good trick to increase your odds of triggering the bonus wheel, home to the huge WowPot jackpot.
Remember: There are no guarantees when betting on slot machines and you can’t claim back any lost money.
Win the WowPot jackpot on Wheel of Wishes

WowPot Casinos

Certain casino sites are ideal for playing games in the WowPot series and Jackpot City is a great place to start! New casino customers enjoy welcome bonuses playable on slot machines in the series. Plus, there are always bonus extras up for grabs through a loyalty program for returning customers.
Jackpot City is one of the rare casino sites with several record wins on Mega Moolah games and is highly recommended on many guides.
Just like at Grand Mondial Casino, a trademark on the Internet, the customer support and gaming environment at Jackpot City are among the most reliable in the field.

Games Global

As the largest provider of online casino games, Games Global stands at the forefront of the industry with around forty publishers creating thousands of high-end games. Games Global offers several series when it comes to progressive jackpot slot machines:

    The first slot machine in the series dates back to 2006! There are now around thirty Mega Moolah slots with different themes, playable at online casinos.
    With around ten tailor-made slots, the first WowPot games came to light in 2020. Wheel of Wishes is the star slot machine of the series.
    These new slot machines launched in 2022 and offer the chance to win two progressive jackpots, starting at 1 million and 2 million.