50 Absolootly Mad Free Spins at Royal Vegas

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On April 27, 2021, news of the biggest jackpot won at an online casino spread worldwide. The luckiest player of the century took home €19,430,723 on the recent release of the Mega Moolah series, Absolootly Mad. As a result, Absolootly Mad has become one of the most famous slot machines in the Mega Moolah saga.

2021 – Record year for Mega Moolah

In 2021, it took until the end of April for the Mega Moolah wheel to pay off big, with the last player winning the grand prize in December 2020. During this period, the communal jackpot rose to a crazy level, and suddenly a player smashed the previous world record of €18,915,872. This previous giant jackpot happened at the Grand Mondial site in 2018.

Try out Absolootly Mad with 50 free spins

We’ve got some good news here on Mega Moolah One! We have found you an extra special Absolootly Mad offer.
You can enjoy this offer at the Royal Vegas Casino. With a $20 deposit, you get a 100% match bonus, plus 50 free spins to play on Absolootly Mad. That’s 50 chances to win the Mega Moolah jackpot!

Absolootly Mad Deal

This Absolootly Mad promo is free in terms of spins, and the bonus is worth 100% of the value of the deposit. To benefit from it, just click on the banner above.

Win a giant jackpot

When this article was published, the jackpot up for grabs was $2,018,073.68. But this pot is always on the move! When someone wins the jackpot, it resets to 1 million and immediately starts to increase again every time a player bets.
Absolootly Mad shares the same jackpot as the Mega Moolah. In fact, there are over ten different Mega Moolah themes.

Claim 50 free spins at Royal Vegas

  1. Visit the Royal Vegas website,
  2. Follow the registration process,
  3. Make a $20 deposit,
  4. Play the 50 free spins,
  5. Also, take advantage of the $20 bonus.

Other Royal Vegas Bonuses

Each new casino customer can claim up to $1200 in bonuses. However, you receive $1200 in 4 stages of $300 each.
Each bonus matches your deposit amount, starting from just $10, and is usable on all Royal Vegas games.

Mega Moolah Absolootly Mad

Absolutely Mad from the Mega Moolah series

The theme of the Absolootly Mad game is Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, featuring giant mushrooms and Wonderland graphics.
The regular symbols in the game range from 10 to Ace, and the other symbols (the highest paying ones) are the Mad Hatter, Cake, Rabbit, Butterfly, Teacup, and Pocket Watch.
Following the same principle as the Mega Moolah series of games, you can win the Absolootly Mad Mega Jackpot with bets of any size. However, the higher the bets, the greater the chances of winning big. But, hitting the million dollar (or more) jackpot is totally possible with all bets.

Table of bets

The 243 winning combinations of Absolootly Mad often win cash. Plenty of players are winning prizes daily on the game’s first two jackpots (the Mini and the Minor). However, the biggest jackpots (the Major and the Mega) are more difficult to clinch. In practice, these are the same odds of winning as with the original Mega Moolah game. So, what makes Absolootly Mad different from the classic Mega Moolah game? Answer: The value of bets. The following table highlights the possible bets between the two games, showing that the room for maneuver on Absolootly Mad is wider.

Absolootly Mad

Min bet: $0.20 per spin.
Max bet: $50 per spin.

Mega Moolah

Min bet: $0.25 per spin.
Max bet: $6.25 per spin.

Absolutely Mad winners

The Absolootly Mad version of the Mega Moolah series will no doubt make noise for a long time! The fact that the game’s super jackpot resulted in a player winning the biggest jackpot ever has a huge impact. Of course, anything can happen with the other slot machines in the saga. In April and May 2020 alone, two players won jackpots on the classic version of the Mega Moolah.

Legal limits of 50 free spins

The 50 Royal Vegas 100% Free Spins are limited to a few countries. To determine if you qualify for these spins, simply visit Royal Vegas by clicking on the Royal Vegas banner at the top of this article. If you see the 50 spins deal is on display, then you can benefit from it. If you don’t see this deal, then the casino’s default offer will be advertised. You can enjoy the 50 free spins deal if you live in any of the countries in the following table. Canadians tend to love this deal the most and there are plenty of fans on the Mega Moolah and Absolootly Mad games.

Austria Bahamas Barbados
Bermuda Canada South Korea
Croatia United Arab Emirates Fiji
Finland Cayman Islands Iceland
Kuwait Lebanon Liechtenstein
Luxemburg Moldova New Zealand

Free spins or bonuses

The eternal question: what is the best way to try your luck with just a few dollars?
Free spins offer or a bonus offer? Everyone has their option, but our Mega Moolah One team believes that bonuses are better. You can still play spins with a bonus, but it doesn’t work the other way around. This is handy considering high bets mean the odds of winning increase, so it’s an excellent way to boost your chances of hitting the jackpot.
The Jackpot City bonus offer is made for you if you like betting big. There is no better place than Jackpot City to receive huge Mega Moolah bonuses.

Overview on Absolootly Mad and their 50 free spins

Here on Mega Moolah One we were fans of the Absolootly Mad game as soon as it launched on May 5, 2020. Compared to the basic version of the game in the Mega Moolah series, the slot machine has impressive graphics and a super Alice in Wonderland theme. As for the 50 free spins of Royal Vegas, we found it to be a good way to test Absolootly Mad while giving yourself a chance to win the jackpot.

Absolutely Mad by Triple Edge Studios

Triple Edge Studios are the creators of the Absolootly Mad games. As a partner of the Mega Moolah inventor, Microgaming, they have proven their level of know-how. Seeing what Triple Edge is capable of, it’s clear that the Absolootly Mad slot machine is an awesome game. Calling on an independent developer and a leading creator only adds more value to the Mega Moolah series.