2021 – Biggest Mega Moolah Bonuses

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Big Mega Moolah Jackpot Bonuses in 2021
In this article, we list the three biggest Mega Moolah deals for 2021, all featuring a mountain of free spins. This is great for gamblers looking to bet on this top-notch slot machine. However, even better than the free spin promos are the bonuses that double your bankroll’s value.

The odds of hitting the Mega Moolah wheel are greater with max bets. This is because the slot triggers the bonus wheel more often by betting 25 coins of 0.25 in a single move per spin.

According to our tests, there’s twice the chance of winning the grand prize with max bets. In other words, it’s better to bet 25 coins ($6.25) on a spin instead of 25 times in a row 0.25 at Mega Moolah. All in all, Microgaming, the creator of the game, favors max bets on the slot machine.

Best bonus offers

Below are the best of 2021’s online casino offers matching first deposits of over $1000. These Mega Moolah sites are Jackpot City, All Slots, and Royal Vegas. Jackpot City is the most generous, followed by All Slots and then Royal Vegas. It works out as a $4300 bonus if you cumulate all three offers, thus $8600 to bet with. $8600 equals 1376 max bets of 6.25 on the Mega Moolah.

# 1. Highest offer in 2021 – $1600

Each new Jackpot City member receives up to $1600 in 4 steps, with every deposit, up to $400 being doubled.
No other casino site in the world offers more bonuses than the Jackpot City site. On top of this, the casino is home to record wins and is a trusted site. By taking the four bonuses of $400, you’ll end up with a capital of $3200 to bet with. This is an enormous budget and certainly a great way to try and become a big Mega Moolah winner.

# 2. All Slots – Up to $1500

The 2nd biggest Mega Moolah deal in 2021 is at All Slots, offering $1500 free in 3 deposits. Each deposit of $500 is doubled. With a total of $1500 deposited, you’ll find yourself with $3000 to bet with. In terms of max Mega Moolah bets, that’s an impressive 480 bets of $6.25! Only Jackpot City can top this ($3200 divided by $6.25 = 512 spins).

# 3. Royal Vegas – $1200 up for grabs

Coming in at number three is Royal Vegas, where you can claim up to $1200 free in 3 deposits. This online casino has already dished out huge Mega Moolah winners! Furthermore, Royal Vegas has a top-notch loyalty program as well as reactive customer support.


Bonuses are better than free spins

It’s not a secret that bonuses beat free spins! Doing the math shows that high match bonuses produce the best results compared to free spins deals. Of course, free spins are fun, but the formula doesn’t work with max bets, so there’s less chance of hitting the jackpot wheel with this type of deal. The only way to boost your chances of triggering the Mega Moolah bonus wheel is to play with max bets. A max bet costs 6.25 per spin, it’s a lot, but if it pays off, it can change your life.

Start 2021 by aiming high

Many new players don’t deposit more than $10 at an online casino, which is entirely fair enough! Before playing with a higher bankroll, it’s worth testing the casino to ensure everything is working. This is why some casino sites have offers for $10. These formulas don’t cost much, but they aren’t the best. Wagering a single coin of 0.25 per spin isn’t an efficient way to trigger the slot wheel.

Boost your chances of winning

There’s nothing better than big bonuses, and the three online casinos mentioned above are the best you can find. Of course, you’ll have to deposit more money, but it’ll give you higher odds of winning the millions on offer.

Big winners bet high

It’s a bit of a stretch to say that max bets always make the biggest winners, but this is what we have seen so far. Most Mega Moolah records have been made with bets of 6.25 per spin; thus, this bet guarantees the best results. Fortunately, there are still some Mega Moolah players who’ve won massive pots with mid-sized bets.

2021 round-up

In this article, we started 2021 by comparing the most generous free bonus offers. We like to set ourselves apart from other Mega Moolah guides and present the best winning bonus options rather than the free spin offers you see everywhere. Slots fans do love free spins, so it’s unsurprising slot guide owners promote these deals. In summary, using big bonus deals instead of free spins is the way to go if you’re trying to win the Mega Moolah wheel grand prize.